Feb 2014


John Paul Jewell of Belly Points Winner

About John Paul

John Paul Jewell is the second winner of our Belly Rewards Points program, racking up an impressive 400 points!

John is a clean energy finance specialist and sustainability advocate in Chicago. He will be running the 2014 Chicago Marathon to raise money and awareness for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and has been training since April with the Team to End AIDS (T2).  John Paul grew up in Rhode Island, and made his way to Chicago in 2013 after living in 10 cities across 4 countries over 11 years.

Running has always been John Paul’s preferred way to enjoy city views, to get some exercise when traveling, or to simply reconnect with nature. This will be his first marathon, and John Paul is excited that he is able to raise awareness and money for the fight against HIV/AIDS and to help those who have been impacted by the epidemic.

John Paul became a vegetarian 10 years ago when he lived in India for a semester in college, and has been an advocate for sustainable food systems for years.  While living in Northern and Eastern Europe for work, he fell in love with the fully-dressed falafel wrap, as it was a reliable, exciting vegetarian option in a land of strange meats and sausages.  John Paul has kept a vegetable garden whenever possible, and has learned to adapt his favorite recipes to accommodate whatever he can pick fresh that day.

The Champ is inspired by fall seasonal flavors and focuses on the exciting, unique toppings one can find on a falafel sandwich at the countless doner shops across Europe, including spicy cabbage, smoked eggplant, and garlicky mushrooms.

Creation: The Champ

Grilled portabella, spicy slaw, baba ghanough, fresh herbs, crispy sweet potato fries and tahini-yogurt sauce

Charity: AIDS Foundation of Chicago

I am raising money for AFC with the Team to End AIDS (T2).

The mission of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago is to lead the fight against HIV/AIDS and improve the lives of people affected by the epidemic.

Founded in 1985 by community activists and physicians, the AIDS Foundation of Chicago is a local and national leader in the fight against HIV/AIDS. It collaborates with community organizations to develop and improve HIV/AIDS services; funds and coordinates prevention, care, and advocacy projects; and champions effective, compassionate HIV/AIDS policy.

For more than a decade, AIDS Foundation Chicago has trained athletes to complete a marathon, half marathon or triathlon, raising millions of dollars for the fight against HIV/AIDS. TEAM TO END AIDS (T2), previously known as the National AIDS Marathon Training Program, was launched in 2010 in Chicago and Los Angeles.

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