Our fillosophy is simple

Fine food shouldn’t be limited to fine dining.

We’re passionate about bringing whole, delicious, foodie-worthy food to you every day. We invite you into our kitchen to see.

We opened the first Falafill in Lakeview in 2010 and have been growing in Chicago ever since.

About Maher

Falafill is an idea Maher Chebaro had envisioned for years. As the award-winning chef and owner of fine dining restaurants in Chicago, Beirut, New York, and DC, Maher realized he could use his culinary philosophy to help bring the beautiful flavors of his native Lebanon to a quick-service platform. With this focus on food from day one, Falafill was born.

Some of Chebaro’s past accolades include Bon Appetit’s “Best New Restaurant” and Chicago Magazine’s “Best New Restaurant”.

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